Safety is not a simple thing to achieve. We choose to regard workplace health and safety as a complex problem which requires work at many levels to achieve. The following information is how we ensure safety on your project.

COR from the ACSA

We are working to acquire a Certificate of Recognition from the ACSA. This has led us to create and put in place a safety program tailored to both the commercial and light industrial coating industries. This safety program helps to insulate your company from the fallout caused by a serious injury while we are completing work for you. Not only does it protect you, but more importantly it helps all of our staff members go home safe.


None of the leadership staff we put on your project will ever make anyone feel small for bringing up a concern. We treat each individual with respect and will listen to and act to mitigate their concern. By empowering our employees to speak up the chain of command we hope to have as many eyes scanning for hazards as possible.



Each painter on your site will have first aid training, an AWP ticket, a fitted respirator, and all other pertinent training certifications. The IUPAT does a fantastic job of providing project specific training to the painters who will be on your project. We hope that the more training individuals receive the more safety focused they will be when on your site.