The following information provides you with an idea of how Synergetic Group's take on production will positively impact your project.


We will never be able to plan for every contingency but we do go to great lengths to ensure major safety and risk factors of each job site are accounted for. Largely accomplished by having custom process manuals for each major facet of coating we pursue and safety procedures structured around the COR requirements.


Our assortment of coating manuals including both an interior and exterior school coating manual and our General Coating Manual lend fabulously to our adaptability. We can quickly adapt to new working environments by whipping up a new coating manual specific to the unique application and review it with our knowledgeable team prior to engaging in any work. Or use a tried and true process with confidence.


Synergetic Group’s management has gained years of valuable coating experience starting as residential painters and progressing through the ranks to competent commercial coaters. Management's experience with complicated coating situations paired with trained journeymen and apprentice painters coming from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) leaves us with rich technical skills to complete or learn how to complete the largest commercial applications.



In an effort to create the safest and most effective jobsite, we focus on tying all our operation process together. Not only does this lead to efficiency and safety but it also improves our employees understanding of the numerous parts that make a successful project come together.