The following information provides you with an idea of how Synergetic Group views leadership and how this view benefits your project.


Site specific assessments along with our overarching Quality Management Program allow us to efficiently mitigate risk and manage quality on every project. Quality at its core is influenced greatly by technical skill which is why we choose to hire our painters from IUPAT.


We have structured Synergetic Group to be a resilient organism capable of rapidly adapting. This is done by advocating for interdepartmental unity. Our estimators spend time alongside our painters actually painting to build relationships across departments and vice versa. 


When a failure occurs on one of our job sites there is minimal blame placing. Those responsible will take action to remedy the situation as effectively as possible. The bottom line is that we do not make our failures the problems of other people.


Just as our departments build unity, we want to build unity with our clients. Trust is sacred to us and as such we will commit ourselves to serving you to the best of our abilities. We believe that true success occurs after strong relationships are built.


We mitigate the risks to project success by utilizing the tactics encompassed in Quality, Integrated Teams Approach, Ownership, and Relationships. We are not in the business of eliminating all risk, however, we do have a healthy appreciation for the value of handling problems before they blow up.