Working with institutions provides each party with the opportunity to create a long term relationship. We want to build this relationship on trust and commitment. Part of our commitment is that Synergetic Group will build internal infrastructure to serve your institution and deliver high quality projects. Our goal is that enhancing our infrastructure will alleviate some stresses from your procurement department staff!


Once the contract has been awarded we will begin interacting with stakeholders and key project contacts. We will build a schedule which considers and accommodates to the highest degree possible the requirements of the institution. The collaboration will indicate expectations regarding partial building closures, restrictions on noise producing activities, and employee/visitor health and stress considerations.


Production will follow the agreed upon standards from the pre-planning efforts. All painters will be the highest level of professionals available to Synergetic Group and will treat the building, staff, and visitors with dignity and respect. Production should roll out smoothly due to the efforts expended in the pre-planning stage.


You will be provided with a customized Owner's Manual which will provide a comprehensive description of the project, ideal maintenance techniques, and, possibly, most importantly the colours we used and where they are located on the building (no more keeping cans of paint in an office closet for reference).