Through working with the local painters union (IUPAT) we are able to increase our amount of skilled staff quickly to meet a compressed schedule. We prefer to add workers rather than offer intense overtime hours which lead to exhaustion and, in turn, safety risks. Our leadership personnel will work with your project leadership staff and those of other companies in a collaborative manor to aid in the efficient completion of the project.


  • We are able to apply any interior and exterior paint coating

  • Application of elastomeric coatings

  • Application of solvent based coatings

  • Application of epoxy coatings

  • Application of floor coatings

  • Line painting and other site work painting



Any construction project is a group of teams working together towards the common goal of finishing the building. Synergetic Group staff believe that project success is secured when there is inter-company unity. We strive to build relationships to increase our understanding at the production level of how our activity on site aids, hampers, or otherwise effects other individual production staff. 


As a coating organization we have very real risks to health which we deal with daily. From solvents contacting eyes or inhalation of neurodegenerative toxins to falling from height there are plentiful risks. We will have our COR from the ACSA within the year. Along with our COR our leadership staff are trained to have an open ear about safety concerns from the painters. They are advocates for communication up the chain of command about risks to OH&S.


The leadership staff you interact with will always have an understanding of where we are on our portion of the project. By being honest with where we are it is our hope that the critical path of the project will not come to a surprising halt. We will not hum and haw over how long is left in a portion of the building. We will communicate to you exactly where we are and when we will be moving on. Here is where our honesty shines. The true answer is always better than a lie and an inevitable let down.


We have a quality management program in place to ensure that your project is completed properly. We do not want to create stress for project managers that are hearing about how bad the finishes are from the architect. In the case that we do screw up we will own it and fix it without projecting our emotions onto other people. In this way we work to alleviate the stresses on everyone working around us