Synergetic Group believes in finding efficiencies on job sites. An analysis of efficiencies will show that communication and synergy are two of the biggest influencing factors. We value both of these highly and will bring a corresponding attitude onto your project.


Coating application leads to unique job site hazards such as inhalation and eye contact hazards, all of which make proper training and certification crucial. All of our painters are hired from the IUPAT. The union provides them with first aid training, a respirator fit test, an AWP ticket, and any other safety training pertinent to your project.


Our quality management program dictates that each product goes through three checks before approval. The program allows us to have a constant understanding of where we are at regarding quality. We have checks and procedures to ensure that we fulfill the specifications and if we do fail to meet them we will rectify the situation efficiently and without complaint.


The projects critical path is very important to us. We never want to be the company responsible for derailing the critical path and piling stress onto project managers. Our quality management program and productivity tracking capabilities allow us to have easily accessible updates on our overall progress and our current look ahead. Communication is key in preserving the schedule and we are committed to building a relationship on transparency and honesty.