Working with businesses often requires a degree of flexibility. We will carefully and diligently explore your company's needs. Once we fully understand your needs we will provide recommendations on coatings, safety management, and application procedures to meet these needs.


During the estimating phase of your project we will craft a custom Scope of Work. This document works to inform you of the exact process and products we will be using. Transparency from Synergetic Group regarding what exactly your company is purchasing helps the painting process go smoothly.


We adhere to the highest safety regulations for our painters and will bring that attitude onto your job site. With signage and verbal communication every person in the building will be aware of where they cannot access without PPE. Safety of all people is our number one priority.


You will be provided with an Owner's Manual customized to your project. This manual will include what colour is where for easy reference down the road. Also, it will include the ideal maintenance procedures to improve the longevity of your project.